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Other services

Here at Flamenco en el Corazón we also have a range of other services which may interest you:

Private functions

If you would like to book a private performance for an event or celebration, we have a whole lineup of artistes perfect for your special occasion.

Wherever you want and just the right style for your event.

The most authentic Flamenco with the deepest roots, the caudro (group) has a singer, a guitarist, one or more dancers and a percussionist (either clapping or playing the traditional cajón).

Maybe you prefer a fusion of Flamenco and another style of music.

Or a more simple guitar accompaniment for a more intimate, quieter event.

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Classes and workshops 

We also offer private and group Flamenco dance and guitar classes. Contact us for more details.
We can offer one-off Flamenco cultural workshops for groups of adults, children and women’s’ classes. The workshop is adapted to your group and their preferences. If you are a dance school and you would like your students to learn about Flamenco and its history to understand it better, we provide regular workshops on the Flamenco culture especially for dance schools. Contact us for more information.