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Flamenco en el corazón nace para ofrecer conocer el Flamenco de una forma diferente, más activa, más experiencial y desde distintos formatos. Cultura, experiencia, responsabilidad, exotismo, autenticidad...son nuestros valores...

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About us

Flamenco is often seen as untouchable, inaccessible even, only seen in shows where the audience sits passively. At Flamenco en el corazón we want to bring a culture which has been able to preserve its traditions, ways of life and true values, closer to you. We want to unlock the hidden codes of its language: Flamenco speaks with the language of the soul.
When Flamenco bites, it breaks something inside of you, it awakens you, opens up your heart and may even hurt, as it fills you with its magic… Flamenco stirs your soul.

Flamenco is much more than music: it’s a philosophy for life, the voice of a people, and an expression of the land. None of this can be truly understood by knowing a few Flamenco steps. Being Flamenco comes from the heart. Flamenco preserves the values of its people, nature, traditions, freedom, the land, things that in today’s world have often been mislaid, yet we all possess them, deep within.

Traditionally, oral storytelling, visual arts, song and dance were the sole means for Flamenco community to express their culture and pass on knowledge from generation to generation. In the digital realm, learning online is to open the possibility to approach more directly to this magic culture.
With an online method, developed and tested for two years, el Método DUENDE, you will be able to have a global overview of Flamenco and to have access to the academic community and interact with students from all over the world. 

We have also created three on-site Flamenco Experiences to fill your soul with the best art. We are specialists in the Levante region which, while not particularly famous for its Flamenco tradition, nonetheless is home to hidden Flamenco treasures and mainly flamenco people waiting for you to share their best secrets.

The whole world has fallen in love with this chaotic culture, brimming with life, with the exquisite sensibility of Flamenco… we go back to the old ways, authenticity, the tribe, the wild.
What do you think it would feel like to find yourself in a bubble where “el Duende” fills the air? We will take you there.



Rosana Juárez
(Flamenco en el Corazón coordinator) holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Valencia and a Master in Flamencology from the Catalonian Higher School of Music (ESMUC). Rosana has been close to Flamenco since she was born and although she worked in banking for 15 years and lived her passion as a double life, one day saw the enormous potential of Flamenco. Flamenco is an art form which may be inaccessible at times but has been recognised by UNESCO in 2010 as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and Rosana decided to take the plunge and throw herself full time into her passion by creating Flamenco en el Corazón. In 2018 she teamed up with Begoña Moral and others to create the Asociación Flamenca La Debla. Backed up by all her knowledge and experience gained throughout her life and what she learned on the Masters course and countless others, she offers you the chance to walk hand in hand with her through the passionate world of Flamenco. "My purpose is deliver to the world the best-kept Flamenco secrets"

María Silvestre
Gourmet Days coordinator. The company offers tourism packages built around gastronomy, wine and the art of Valencia. Her passion is her land and her dream is to reveal to the tourist the richness of this wonderful region, bathed in light and colour. In her own words: "Without travelling more than a few kilometres around we find such a range of passionate landscapes and flavours that without a doubt, make discovering this little jewel of the Mediterranean well worth the time. This is where Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians among others left their mark."    


Begoña Moral (owner of Centro de Danza B&B Alcoy) is head of Classical Spanish Studies in the Alicante Conservatory and specialises in pure Flamenco, teaching courses alongside Manuela Carrasco, Carmela Greco, Carmen Lucena, Israel Galván, Manuel Reyes, Alfonso Losa, Farruca, Carmen Ledesma and Antonio Canales to name a few. She teaches classes in her own dance school and offers a range of activities centred around Flamenco.