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Las Experiencias Flamencas by Flamenco en el Corazón were created because we asked ourselves how we love to live Flamenco. The answer is in the most authentic, natural way possible, which most closely recreates the essence of Flamenco as a family, among friends, where spontaneity and nature can invoke el Duende at any moment.

It’s certainly true that there are excellent tablaos (floor shows) which are well worth visiting, but we wanted to offer something different, something where the audience experience a Flamenco fiesta from within. Where participation is assured and of course accompanied by the pleasures of the best food and wine to excite our palates too, and do it in an idyllic setting to make a true pleasure for all the senses and a chance to escape the world.

The experience is a weekend in a spectacular masía: Masia El Parral situated in idyllic surroundings in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola. Simply being there is worth your while, but this will be a sublime experience plenty of Flamenco and livings for the soul.

The weekend starts on Friday and ends on Sunday afternoon. Friday evening begins with a private, exclusive floor show of the best Flamenco troupe selected by us, accompanied by the most exquisite and carefully-selected tapas.

On Saturday, a group of Flamenco maestros will arrive to share with everyone an unforgettable day. The activities of the day have been specially created and composed to allow the Duende to appear at any moment, surrounded as we are by true maestros of Flamenco.

A day amongst Flamencos. Live with the artiste; interact, dance, laugh, eat and talk with them. The idea is to live Flamenco for a day, let go and have fun amongst friends while enjoying the best cuisine the region has to offer, washed down by excellent wine.
Personally, I’ve never experienced a greater magic than being amongst Flamencos
Saturday timetable.

12.00 Arrival of the Flamenco maestros and a get-to-know-you session.
13.00 Tapas workshop. Learn how to make the delicious tapas from our gastronomy, accompanied by excellent wines.
14.00 Lunch
16.00 Let the afternoon begin! Let improvisation and nature take over. Let the magic of song and dance in.
Flamenco which is born spontaneously and fed by innate skills and those acquired from someone who truly understands Flamenco, flares up in intimate moments and that’s when you know it’s real. We want to create these Duende moments for everyone in idyllic surroundings.
What do you think it would feel like to find yourself in a bubble where “el Duende” fills the air?
Workshops are held throughout the afternoon, including one on keeping time, another on dance and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to receive some instruction from a master guitar or cajón (traditional wooden percussion box) maker who can show us how the instruments are made.
Obviously, during the day you will get the chance to ask questions, learn and share in the knowledge of a culture that was declared Universal Human Heritage in 2010 by UNESCO.
We offer an unforgettable experience for your soul.
The Experience will finish at around 19.00 p.m. on Saturday.
You will have spent a day immersed in the Flamenco culture, a culture with soul.
On Sunday you are free to enjoy the house and its beautiful surroundings, or simply to kick back and relax.
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NB: The Experience is for groups of between 12 and 20 people.
NB: For prices and availability, depending on group size, contact us. We pride ourselves on personal service, transparency and quality. Call us for a no-obligation quote. All prices include accommodation, dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday breakfast, lunch on Saturday and all the experiences described above. Click here to contact us or call 606420244.


This experience is more for lovers of the excellent wines that are so intertwined with Flamenco. While the experience only lasts a morning, its setting is a pristine paradise.

Bodegas los Frailes is a bodega with a long family history of wine growing and making stretching back to 1771, set in the marvellous country around Els Alforins, known as the “Tuscany of Valencia”, in the province of Valencia.

The bodega makes wines which are truly an experience for your senses, wines which reflect the valley where they are from, which is blessed with the perfect soil and conditions for wine growing. The wines are imbued with the personality of the family, who are all dedicated and passionate about wine making.

The experience is a guided tour led by a member of the family itself and takes in the vineyards, the old bodega and the modern wine-making facility, and culminates in a wine tasting with commentary in the sunlit tasting room known as “un mar de viñas”. From here, look out over the greens and ochres of the surrounding countryside as you discover the delights of a fine wine to the accompaniment of a Flamenco guitarist in the background. The tasting is completed with a range of specially selected and lovingly prepared tapas. A delight for the senses and a truly sublime experience.

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NB: the experience is only available Saturday morning from 11.30 to 13.30.
NB: grape picking takes place between August and October, so the experience is available from November to July.
NB: for prices and availability, depending on group size, contact us. We pride ourselves on personal service, transparency and quality. Call us for a no-obligation quote. Click here to contact us or call 606420244.